Basic concepts

About Evaluation & Learning Basic concepts

In this page you will find a selection of documents explaining some basic notions related to Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning. In addition, you will find a selection of toolkits and online courses which are aimed at helping organisations in improving their knowledge of Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning.

Peacebuilding & conflict transformation

Berghof Glossary on Conflict Transformation 20 notions for theory and practice Berghof Foundation Operations GmbH – 2012


Monitoring Changes: Methods and Tools, Chapter 3. (p. 43-51) in Emerging Practices in Design, Monitoring and Evaluation for Education for Peacebuilding Programming, Search for Common Ground – 2015



Learning Communities, Chapter 3. (p. 7-11) in Reflective Peacebuilding – A Planning, Monitoring and Learning Toolkit – The Joan B. Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies, University of Notre Dame – 2007


Basic Toolkits