About Evaluation & Learning at projects level

Projects level

About Evaluation & Learning at projects levelIn this page you will find a selection of resources related to the Planning & Design, Monitoring and Final Evaluation phases of a project.


Relevance and Innovation

Chapter 2: Conflict Analysis in A Resource Pack. Conflict-sensitive approaches to development, humanitarian assistance and peacebuilding – Saferworld – 2014


6.2 Stakeholder Mapping (p.45-47) in Conflict Analysis Framework: Field Guidelines and Procedures. Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict (GPPAC) – 2015


Planning and Design


Monitoring and Evaluation Plan Module – Search for common ground – 2013


Designing an Evaluation Module – Search for common ground – 2013



Case Study ModuleSearch for Common Ground2013



Quantitative Research Module Search for Common Ground2013



GAIN Peacebuilding Indicators. (GAIN = Globally-Accepted Indicators) – Catholic Relief Services – 2010



From Principle to Practice A User ’s Guide to Do No HarmCDA Collaborative Learning Projects – 2015



Conflict Sensitivity for Peacebuilders – Discussion post – Search for Common Ground – 2013





Checklists relating to quality of monitoring information in The Program Quality Digital Library   – CARE- 2002

Final evaluation


Chapter 19 “ Imagine There is No Peace Education: An Exploration in Counterfactual Analyses” in the book Peace Education Evaluation: Learning from Experience and Exploring Prospects. A volume in : Peace Education.  Del Felice, C., Karako A. and Wisler, A. (editors) – Information Age Press – 2015

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Reporting and accountability


T-kit 10 – Educational Evaluation in Youth Work. – Council of Europe and the European Commission – 2007