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Improve your practice at organisational level

This section offers guidance to improve your monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) practices at organisational level. MEL practices concern all aspects of the organisation’s work. This guide focuses on six dimensions of an organisation:


1.Organisational culture and norms

2. Planning and Decision Making

3. Knowledge management

4. Human resources management

5. Financial management

6. External relations


If you first want to assess your practices go to Assess your organisation.

A note about quality and MEL at organisational level

This section focuses on internal and external organisational dimensions because organisations are not only what they produce (their projects and actions), but they are also what they do to make their projects happen, and in the end, reach their organisational goals and mission.  This means its internal decision-making and management practices as well as the way they work with other stakeholders in their context. The chosen organisational dimensions are based on existing organisational analytical frameworks, mainly the framework developed by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) and Universalia Management Group (see figure 1).



Figure 1: Framework of organisational assessment

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