Violence Against Children and Youth Campaign

The Advocacy Team of UNOY Peacebuilders is joining hands with the network members to advocate the implementation of the recommendations of the United Nations Secretary-General’s Study on Violence against Children.

Violence against children and youth is a global crisis that calls for global action. EVERYBODY has the responsibility to get involved to combat this crisis. Take the first step and visit the petition website.
To discuss the issue of violence against children and youth, please visit our online forum.

Recommendations of UNOY Peacebuilders

  1. Youth should be made possible to learn life skills that prevent them from encountering violence in their personal lives.
  2. Youth should be involved in active citizenship.
  3. Peace at all levels of decision making should be promoted for youth not to be victims of any form of violence.
  4. Adequate social and recreational spaces for youth and children within the community should be available.
  5. Social, juridical and health services to accommodate and respond to the needs of children and youth should be in place.
  6. Civil society and decision makers should challenge the use of violent content and representation in the media.
The full position paper will be put online shortly. The 2007 campaign has just started. Please keep visiting our website for updates on events, statements and toolkits on Violence Against Children and Youth.

History of the UN Violence against Children and Youth study

The United Nations Secretary-General’s Study on Violence against Children was a global effort to describe the nature, extent and causes of violence against children and youth, and to propose clear recommendations for action to prevent and respond to it. The Study marks the first time that the reality of violence against children around the world has been documented, and global recommendations made to stop it. Since 2003, thousands of people have contributed to the Study in consultations and working groups, through questionnaires and in other ways. Children and young people have been active at every level. On 11 October 2006, Professor Paulo Sérgio Pinheiro, the Independent Expert who was appointed to lead the Study, presented the final Study Report to the UN General Assembly in New York in October 2006.

Achievements of UNOY Peacebuilders

UNOY Peacebuilders has been working with PLAN Netherlands on the issue of violence against children and youth in the build up towards and during the launch of the UN Secretary-General’s Study on Violence Against Children. In collaboration with a number of partners (PLAN Netherlands, NCDO, Earth Charter Youth Initiative, Youth Incentives), UNOY Peacebuilders has conducted a range of activities:

Following up on the past successes, UNOY Peacebuilders wants to work together with her members in advocating and campaigning for the implementation of the recommendations of the study by government and other relevant institutions at the local, national and regional level.

This project is supported by Plan Netherlands

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